Hoopstick Studio

Music Composition

❚Hero Bureau


Hero Bureau is a 4-Player, Isometric Action/Strategy Game. Three players take control of Superheroes who are tasked with invading the fortress of an Evil Mastermind — controlled by a fourth player. The Superheroes use their whits and abilities to fight through hordes of Robot Minions and Traps; placed and sent out by the Evil Mastermind in an effort to eradicate the heroes before they reach the their Secret Lair. 

I was brought on as the Music Composer early in the development process and worked with the team to identify the style of music they wanted for their game. We decided on Jazz-Rock Fusion; combining traditional instruments and sound of Jazz with the upbeat, uptempo catchy phrasing found in Rock. 

Hero Bureau participated in THE ROOKIES contest for Game of the Year (PC/Console).