Hackjob Studio

Sound Lead/Sound Effects



Illuminous is a First-Person, Action-Adventure Shooter where you take control of an Explorer, delving deep into a lush cavern littered with remnants of a past world. Amongst the relics and rubble, dangerous creatures lurk in the darkness. To keep them at bay you must take aim with a powerful rifle — capable of harnessing the power of light. As you explore deeper into the hollow reaches, you find hints of a technologically advanced civilization having existed within the depths over a millennia ago. Stone slowly changes into expertly crafted architecture, covered with reliefs telling the tale of a vengeful god that was cast out of the heavens. However, it would seem that the reliefs are telling more than just a story. 


I was brought on as the Sound Lead and Lead Sound Effects Editor. I worked with a sound editor and music composer to establish the tone of games Soundscape. Creating and Editing Sound Effects; we worked with the Development Team to implement each asset during during the development process. I created various sounds for monsters, guns, player movement, and more, as well as edit the audio for pre-rendered cutscenes that would trigger throughout the game.