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Music Composition/Music implementation in Unreal 4

❚Kindled Dreams


Kindled Dreams is a Third-Person Action-Adventure Game where the player takes control of a Hollow Bard, tasked with cleansing a forest from an invading demon threat. Inspired by Indonesian culture; the player wields an Erhu, a Suling, and a Gong — each with individual abilities to fend off attacking demons. 

I was brought on to this project as the Music Composer and was also tasked with Implementing the music into each level. I worked with the team to lay out how the music would change dynamically as the player moved through the environment, as well as compensate for different game states. 


Once I had the music sectioned into individual portions based on instrumentation, I created a Blueprint Script in Engine that would allow for simultaneous, and continuous play of each piece; but would attenuate the volume of the separate sections based on triggers linked to certain Triggers in the level or to the Final Boss's Health. The team decided that — in order for the player character to have a more integral impact on the dynamics of the music tracks — they wanted an additional instrumentation to be added on the completion of a combo input. To do this, I linked a separate attenuation channel to a Custom Event that activates on the completion of a Combo. 


Kindled Dreams participated in THE ROOKIES contest for Game of the Year (PC/Console).