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Music Composition

❚Parking Lot Royale


Parking Lot Royale is a multiplayer demolition derby, party game that puts you behind the wheel of a fully destructible automobile. Choose your ride and take to the streets, against up to 9 others in one of 3 different game modes.

Having worked with the team on previous games - I was hired to compose the soundtrack, early on in the development process. We worked together to decide on a genre of music that would best suit the visual direction they were headed towards, when building the game engine. We decided on a Punk tracklist that would reflect the high-paced, action-oriented gameplay.

To achieve the desired effect - I came up with a traditional, four-piece Punk band under the moniker, “Slave Cylinder”. For each song, I would program the Drums first - laying down the foundation of the piece, and blocking out where I wanted the high and low points of the song to be. I would then either track Rhythm Guitar or Bass, depending on which instrument I felt was better suited to frame the main elements of each riff. Then I would track Lead Guitar and any Solos that I believed would add some variety to the composition.

Parking Lot Royale is set to release on Steam in 2019.